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4 Questions for Singer/Actress/Songwriter Kwanza Jones

March 15, 2011

4 Questions is a recurring feature on the blog where we ask the same 4 questions every month of a different customer. Given the tremendous passion and can-do attitude of small and mid-sized businesses, these same four questions result not in repeat answers, but in interesting insight into many different journeys. Want to be profiled? Tweet us at @billcom and let us know!

  Q. How did you get into your line of work?

By taking the road less traveled.

While I was in college at Princeton University, I had a chance encounter with music legend, Quincy Jones. We talked for a while and later kept in contact. His words were encouraging. I also had the opportunity to perform at the World Famous Apollo Theater. That's when I knew I would have a career on the creative side of the entertainment business. The key word is "business." More than just being a "singer" or "entertainer," I knew it was important to run my career as a business. That was a significant reason why I went to law school. It was a necessary step for being prepared to deal with the inevitable business and legal issues that are part of the entertainment industry.  Afterwards I formed my production company, released my first album and directed a few videos. I've been merging creative and business ever since!

Q. What have you learned through the school of hard knocks?

Well, I'm still learning… but my top three lessons thus far are: (1) You can not afford to lose control of critical aspects of your business. In working with employees or contractors, make sure you have a system of checks and balances; (2) Create your own luck! Basically, the harder you work, the luckier you get; and (3) Change is always around the corner, knowing that helps you better prepare for it. 

Q. What keeps you up at night?

It used to be writing checks, paying bills and stuffing envelopes… LOL but now it's two things: (1) Creating new music and videos that entertain, inspire and empower my fans. Many of them ask me questions about non-music things, from money to travel to relationships to fitness, they are looking for ways to improve their lives. I'm working on ways to get that information to them; and (2) Thinking of new ways to be able to reach my fans. I have lots of fans overseas but some are really remote. I'm focused on trying to reach them, wherever they are. I want my fans to have a personal experience even if they never see me in person.

Q. How has helped your business chase its dreams

Travel is a constant for me. Whether I'm accessing from the air or in a different country, it's features and ease of use make dealing with the financials easy and frustration free. I'm able to easily coordinate things with the rest of the team, regardless of where I might be. has helped free up my time to be able to spend more energy on the core aspects of my business, not just the administrative things. 
Also for those, like me, who have multiple businesses,'s dashboard helps keep everything in order. In addition to all the great features (and they are constantly adding more), one of the best things about is its affordability. They seem to understand that there are lots of small and medium-sized business owners that can't afford a fulltime bookkeeper but need the functionality of one. is the perfect app!
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  1. Kwanza Jones is a marvelous actress/singer. Thanks for sharing the interview that you had with her.

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