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February 24, 2011 Mobile-Optimized Site Now Available! Your day-to-day financial tasks are processes, not transactions. And we are laser-focused on making those processes more efficient. That's why you can focus on what matters most– your business, your clients, your lives.

We are excited to debut our Mobile (beta).

If you are like most of our customers, you use on the road all the time via mobile devices to gain access to documents, workflow, and payments anytime/anywhere. (We've even heard a story of a customer approving payments in a Macy's changing room — you know who you are!). With Mobile we've made it even easier for you to do the tasks that are most common on the road: Approving bills and making payments.

With the Mobile you can:

  • View bills and approve them
  • Make payments from any bank account you are authorized to access
  • Access all of your accounts from a single dashboard

Of course, the new site contains all the safety and security features you expect. Users can only perform tasks they are authorized to do, everything is logged in the audit trail, and your bank account information is encrypted and never sent over the airwaves.

Starting Saturday February 26, when you log onto from a mobile device you will automatically be routed to new Mobile site. Need to access all the features of Simply switch back to "classic" view.

As this is a beta we are always looking for feedback and plan lots of enhancements in the future. What other features do you need on the road? Let us know!

And remember…

"Out in the woods, Or in the city, It's all the same to me, When I'm drivin' free, the world's my home, When I'm mobile." – The Who, Going Mobile

The Team

  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Would love to see mobile as an app!

  2. Elizabeth permalink

    Unfortunately, the mobile website will not allow a blackberry mobile to log in! It is all weird looking compared to a droid mobile. Not sure why but can not send this to my clients since so many still use blackberrys.

  3. Jeff permalink

    Hi Elizabeth,
    With Blackberry’s sometimes there can be issues from initial settings or old browsers. We recommend:
    1. Make sure javascript is enabled on the blackberry browser.
    2. Download and install a newer browser, like Safari
    While Option 2 may seem like a little work, we do recommend it because depending on how old your BB is, you might have a very old browser that should be upgraded for other reasons. Let us know if this helps!

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