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Cool Mobile Worker Tools

January 19, 2011

Sure, you’ve got the laptop and the cell phone. Those are table stakes in the game for mobile workers. But un-tethering from HQ gets way easier when you’ve found tools to stay productive wherever your business travels take you.  

Here are some of our favorites:

Skype: The not-so-little-anymore VOIP company lets you connect with anyone for free, making face time possible for small team meetings, product demos, job candidate interviews, and so much more.

iPad Keyboard: As your laptop’s smaller cousin, the iPad is wonderfully companionable when on the road or in the air. Typing away on email or documents gets far easier with a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard, like one we’ve discovered from Solid Line Products.

Yelp. Creature comforts matter on the road. Whether you need a great steakhouse or an open-late pharmacy, Yelp can hook you up, no matter your coordinates. You’ll never feel like a stranger in a strange land again.

Your Camera Phone: Receipts. Business cards. Documents. Instead of toting home a flurry of paper, upload them to or immediately using your phone's camera. Perfect? No. But it works and we and our customers do it all the time!

iGo Charge Anywhere:  There’s nothing worse than running out of juice and being without the cord to refuel on the fly. Feed your power-hungry devices, phones, iPods and more from any wall outlet with this universal travel charger.

Whitey Boards: Insta-brainstorming, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. These stick-on whiteboards can be applied on any flat surface – hotel room wall, restaurant table, even airplane seat back — then transported home again.

Fitness Anywhere TRX Suspension Training: Excuse-proof your workouts while on the road with this “portable gym” that you can use in the privacy of your hotel room. Trust us, it’ll have you sweating within minutes, keeping you on top of your game all day long. Like to run while on the road? Downoad any of the numerous workout logs that are out there so you keep track. Ok, we're a bit biased on this one. But the bills don't stop coming when you are on the road! Do, they? Stay connected to your day to day finances wherever you are!

What tools come to your rescue while running your mobile business? Share your finds in the comments section below or on our Facebook Fanpage!




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