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Top 10 Holiday Party Ideas For Your Business

December 8, 2010

‘Tis the season for deciding whether the year’s earnings call for a ho-ho-ho celebration or more of a bag-humbug one. Regardless of how your company’s bottom-line is faring, there are many ways to celebrate the season and build team spirit.

Here are ten of our favorites:

#1 White Elephant/Yankee Swap

Ask all employees to buy and wrap a gift worth no more than $10 or $20. Each person then draws a number from a hat to determine their gift choice order, with person #1 going first. They pick a gift, open it and show it to everyone else. The next person in order then picks a gift and chooses to either unwrap it or to exchange it for the previously unwrapped gift. If the gift is exchanged, the person who had their gift taken gets to unwrap the chosen gift and then the turn passes to the next person. This is guaranteed to bring out the competitor in people and their creativity in gift buying.

#2 Talent Show

No funds to hire musicians, magicians or dancers? No worries. Tap the talent in your team and uncover hidden talents, from juggling to fortune-telling to joke-telling.

#3 Gingerbread House Decorating

Make it a family affair and invite kids and significant others in for some edible fun. Many stores sell gingerbread house kits with icing and candy included.

#4 Give-Back Gathering

Really capture the spirit of the season by organizing a company-wide volunteer event. Wrap gifts at a kid toy drive or serve meals at a soup kitchen.

#5 Get Cooking

Those in the Bay Area (like us) or Chicago or Seattle will love the private cooking class parties put on by Parties that Cook. Break up into cross-functional teams and let professional chefs help you every step of the way. Camaraderie comes naturally in the kitchen, especially when you’re making a delicious gourmet meal that you will then eat!

#6 Karaoke

Rent a karaoke machine for the evening and host a contest. Whoever performs the best rendition of a holiday tune wins an extra day off.

#7 Cookie Exchange

Ask everyone to bake a few dozen of his or her favorite holiday cookie and to bring in the recipe. At the party, present a mini-cookbook of all the recipes and give everyone an empty bakery box to fill with a sampling of cookies to take home.

#8 Caroling Party

Print out free sheet music for popular carols from Then stroll through your office park or neighborhood and spread some cheer. Circle back to the office or a coffee house for hot cocoa and eggnog.

#9 Tree-Trimming Party

Spruce up your lobby or conference room with a live tree. Dedicate one afternoon for decorating festivities, complete with popcorn stringing, ornament making, and tree lighting.

#10 Move It

Depending on your climate (and couch-potato factor), consider organizing a holiday hike for your team where you picnic at a scenic spot.

What is your company doing to celebrate the holidays? We're doing at least four of these ideas at (OK, we love a good party). Share your plans for merriment in the comments section below.

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