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5 Great Small Business Opportunities for Women

November 11, 2010

Small businesses are on the rise. At we see that every day. And women-owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of all U.S. firms. Which industries are most ripe with opportunity for women?

Here are five we’ve got our eye on:

1). Yoga Products and Services: $5.7 billion. That’s how much Americans spent on yoga products, equipment and clothing in 2008 – 87% more than just four years earlier. And with doctors and therapist recommending yoga to patients – and kids getting in on the act – every kind of yoga is the hot kind.

2). Gourmet Food Trucks: Mobile restaurants are cropping up all over, and not just to serve construction workers. From Sushi to Korean BBQ to Gelato, these nouveau food trucks foster a social scene and rake in added profits via private catering events. For foodies who want to sidestep the prohibitive cost of opening a restaurant and not be wedded to one location, this meals-on-wheels wave is the one to ride.

3). Niche Consulting: Pink slips often light a fire under female workers to go it alone. College planners, PR pros, SEO/tech experts, and environmental consultants are a few of the folks benefitting most handsomely these days.

4). Temporary Staffing: Google the term “temporary staffing” and you’ll get more than 7 million hits. No wonder. In a still recovering economy, temp workers let companies staff up and down as needed, lowering their overhead. Businesses like Hire My Mom, Mom Corps, Flexperience and 10 Til 2 connect employers with highly skilled workers (many of them moms). Signing on, franchising, or starting your own seems a good bet right about now.

5). iPad Content: 13 of the top 16 book applications for the iPad are children's titles. A new generation of readers, dubbed "e-book nativists," are discovering a modern way to be excited about reading. Who better to dream up new characters and plot lines than women – many of whom see first-hand what delights their own kids and grandkids?

Do you run a women-owned small business? How’s it going? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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