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Time Saving Tip: Batch many documents. Eliminate stacks of paper in seconds.

October 20, 2010

Let’s say you have seven invoices, three vendor credits and some estimate paperwork to send to

You could send them one.

By one.

By one.

By one.

Or you could send them all at once in a single batch!

Yes, it’s true. Many users are thrilled to realize that lets you send in batches of unrelated documents. Simply fax them all together or scan them as a single file. Then you can go through, page by page, and process each document individually. You can even skip pages and go back to others as you wish. Anything you don’t get around to processing? It will automatically stay in your inbox for you to tackle later.

Better yet… with Zen we will split out all the documents and enter all the data for you automatically! It's literally zero effort to file and index all those financial documents piling up on your desk. And you'll avoid data entry (we sync it right into QuickBooks for you!). See why we call it "Zen"?

We even store all your documents in their native format. Click “View Original” when viewing a document and it will open up your document in its native application.

Cool, huh?

So see that stack of paper on your desk? Pick up the whole pile and fax or scan it on over!

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