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New Features Make Bill Approvals and Payment Even Easier!

April 24, 2010
Approving Bills Just Got Even Easier and More Efficient!

Approvers can approve multiple bills from their
approval list!  To approve several bills at once simply check the box to select the bills you want to approve and click "approve". 

Mybills - approve

If you need to add notes to the bill when approving, click on "Slideshow Approval" and you will see individual bills (including images) and can enter notes and approve or deny each bill. 

Mybills - slideshow

It is Now Even Easier and Faster to Void Payments

You can now void recent payments from the bill
screen without having to contact our Operations team.   As long as the
payment has not cleared (by check or electronically), payments will be
credited to your account automatically or a new check will be issued.


It is Now Easier to Discover and Resolve Checks That Have Not Cleared

It is inevitable that some check payments may not get to a vendor either because of an unknown change in address or problem with the mail. The best solution is to start paying your vendors with ePayments! But, in situations where check payments are still required we have made it easier to review and resolve checks that have been outstanding for too long.

The To Do list will show authorized users how many checks are outstanding.

To do uncashed-1Simply click on the link
review uncashed checks.  Checks that have been outstanding for more
20 days will be highlighted in red.  You can choose to void and credit the payment to your
or void and reissue the check to the vendor.

Uncashed detail-2

Now Receive Automatic Notification of Returned Checks

When a check is returned to by the US Mail you will be
notified via email and you’ll see a task in your To-Do list to advise
that action is required to continue processing the payment. 

To do returned

Clicking on this link will allow you to
review the returned check information and take action. You can update the vendor
and reissue the check or void and credit the payment to your account.


Increased Controls for Accountant Console Users

A new Staff role for the accounting firm
which allows
the firm to limit what an accounting firm user sees within the Accountant Console.
  Staff users get free access to client accounts but cannot view or change client billing options, alter your logo, or add new client accounts.

Note that this role restricts what an accountant user can do in the Accountant Console and does not determine a user's role within a client organization (Administrator, Payer, Clerk, etc.). Accountant users can be restricted as "Staff" users in the console but be Administrators (or other roles) in individual client accounts.

Staff role-1

 Let us know what you think of these new features!!!!


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