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Tip: Digitize and access more than bills with!

February 4, 2010

Most of our customers are used to the way allows you to easily digitize bills, approve them, and pay them. But you can also store and access any document using Business bill payment usually requires access to many more types of documents than just a bill… signed vendor contracts, service level agreements, bank statements, work estimates, financial reports, expense reports, etc.Typically these are stuffed in endless file cabinets and require valuable time to find.

With you can fax, email, or upload any type of document and store them in native format (Word, Excel, PPT, etc except when you send by fax) so they are digitized and accessible them anywhere.

By doing this:

  • You have access to all the supporting documents you need to make
    financial decisions anytime, anywhere (even on a web-enabled mobile
  • You can easily find documents because they are automatically scanned using OCR and search-able site-wide
  • You don't have to worry about intermediate steps such as scanning/naming documents and filing them locally before adding them to
  • You can have vendors or customers send documents directly into and avoid handling paper at all
  • You can get rid of all those cumbersome file cabinets (yes, our customers shred documents once they are in

It's this easy– Simply fax, email or upload a document to and….

  • Tag it as a "vendor document" rather than a bill. This will allow you to attach the document to a vendor and easily access it from the Vendor Summary page
  • Tag a document as a "company document" and assign it to a hierarchical file folder so you can access it in a file folder or find it through integrated search

Do this and you have access to all your documents whenever you need them without waiting until you are in the office to look in the file cabinet or having to ask employees to find them and deliver/email them to you.

And, it's not just handy when paying bills…. getting ready to hire a contractor to work on a project and can't remember what rate you paid the last person to help you? Look it up in seconds in

Happy Shredding!

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