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New Feature: Enhanced Vendor Credit Management

December 15, 2009

This weekend we added Enhanced Vendor Credit Management to This new feature makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to accept vendor credits, route them for review and apply them when paying bills… all through and fully synced with QuickBooks or Intacct.

You can now:

  • Fax, email or upload credit documentation (credit memos, statements, etc) into just like bills
  • Route vendor credits to reviewers (including users that do not have access to your accounting system)
  • View and apply credits when making payments (you can choose to apply all or a portion of the vendor credits)
  • Get reminded of available credits whenever you are looking at vendor information or paying bills

In addition:

  • Check vouchers and ePayment confirmation emails will indicate when credits are applied
  • Credits will sync with QuickBooks and Intacct and can be exported using our standard reports

Enter credits

  • Simply fax, email, or upload vendor credit memos or statements containing credits to your inbox in
  • Note that credits can now be recorded without needing access to your accounting system… you can delegate the task to an office manager or do it on the road!

Vendor Credit Selection from Inbox Route Vendor Credits Automatically

  • Using you can have employees (and contractors) who do not have access to your accounting system review vendor credits
  • If you need others to review the vendor credit, verify amounts or approve them for use, simply add their names and will take care of showing them the digital image of the vendor credit and gathering approvals online
  • When entering vendor credits you have access to vendor information, vendor contracts, and past vendor credits
  • vendor credits can be assigned to GL accounts, jobs, and departments/classes so when they are synchronized with your accounting package they are properly classified

Vendor-credit-detailApply Credits When Paying Bills

  • When you pay your bills, will inform you if there are available credits
  • Simply click on the link to review and apply credits to the payment


Determine How Much of the Credit You Want to Apply

  • Simply select which credits (and how much of the credit) you want to apply and will adjust the payment amount!

Apply vendor credits Review and Pay Bills

  • Once the credit is applied you are returned to the "Pay Bills" page where you can make the payment
  • You will see that a credit has been applied and have the option to make adjustments at any time prior to payment
  • When makes the payment your vendors will be notified that a credit was applied (on both checks as well as their ePayment notification emails!)

Applied vendor credit

Synchronize with your Accounting Package

  • makes sure that the vendor credit is properly applied to the bill in QuickBooks or Intacct and credits will be reflected in your chart of accounts
  • You can view credits within your accounting package and see where they were applied

We hope you like the new features and will provide us feedback!

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