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New features released this weekend!

August 30, 2009

We added several new features this weekend! In addition to lots of smaller improvements that you will notice, the bigger changes include:

New Setup Wizard

you completed all of the steps to fully benefit from Interested in speeding up client account set up?

A new
setup page will guide you through all of these steps more clearly than
before, and help you complete the remaining steps. And, you will be
able to easily access the setup wizard and all company setup
information from a new Setup tab.

Improved Paperless Bill Management

We have made several improvements to managing bills to help streamline the process and reduce clicks.

  • You
    can now alter the page order of bills. Specifically, this means that if
    you add supporting documentation to bills you can now control where
    they reside in the print order.
  • We have added a "jump to page" feature that allows you to go to a bill page without scrolling one page at a time.

New reports improve integration with other accounting systems

We have added several new reports to help export and import data into other financial packages:

  • Thomson Reuters Write-Up CS Report.
    A vendor-specific report that allows you to export bill and payment
    data for import into Write-Up CS. Soon, Write-Up CS
    users will be able to import data through the Accountants Gateway.
  • Comma-Separated Reports for other packages.
    You can now export data in a general CSV format using the
    following reports:

    • Cash Basis Summary
    • Cash Basis Detail
    • Accrual Basis Summary
    • Accrual Basis Detail

As always, let us know what you think of these changes!

The Team


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