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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009

In celebration of Earth Day we thought we would share a cool site from that allows you to calculate the environmental savings of paying bills electronically. 

Did you know that by paying 20 bills a month electronically (a decent average for many small businesses) you save 177 pounds of greenhouse gas from entering the environment. That's the equivalent of:
  • Not driving 174 miles in your car 
  • Planting 2 trees (a month!) 
  • Saving 24 square feet of forest  

That sounds pretty compelling! Now imagine the savings of all those customers making hundreds of payments per month. Those are real numbers. And that doesn't even count the savings customers achieve from:

  • Eliminating paper bill handling, copying, and filing (not just bill payment) in the office
  • Providing a simple way for vendors to send digitized bills directly into the bill payment system without mailing them 
  • Eliminating courier/mail and transportation costs routing bills to a remote bookkeeper or accountant (the shoebox of bills has to get to the accountant somehow!) 
  • Eliminating internal office mail (especially between remote offices) 
  • Consolidating vendor payments (yes, some of this is still paper-based, but its less paper) 
The point is, electronic/paperless bill management and payment is great for the environment and reduces our client's carbon footprint immensely. 

Stay tuned for even more carbon savings when we expand our electronic payment capabilities next month!!!!! (We normally don't pre-announce features, but it's Earth Day after all!). 

If you want to get updates on our upcoming new features be sure to follow us online on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Happy Earth Day!

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