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September 3, 2008

Come join us at the Office 2.0 Conference happening this
week in San Francisco.’s very own vice president of marketing, Jeff
Schultz, will take part in two Office 2.0 Conference panels titled,
  “Money 2.0” and “Going 100% SaaS.”

The conference starts today
(9/3) and continues through Friday (9/5) over at the St. Regis Hotel, south of
Market in San Francisco. Office 2.0 gathers together technology visionaries,
thought leaders and customers who use innovative online services and helps them
collaborate on the future of online productivity. The theme this year is
Enterprise Adoption. 

Jeff’s first panel, “Money
2.0”, is scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 2008, 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM. Here’s
the conference agenda description:

While consumer applications are making the headlines for
most Web 2.0 related news, business applications are receiving their fair share
of innovation as well. Among them, accounting for individuals and small
businesses has seen a flurry of activity over the past 12 months. This panel
will show us how bookkeeping can be fun. 

Over the past year,'s innovation in the area of accounts payables has put
the company
 on the forefront of changing the way businesses and
accountants manage payables by leveraging features only available in a SaaS
model. The features include collaborative multi-user workflow, exceptionally fast
time-to-implementation, low cost, and massive efficiencies of scale that allow
us to deliver services to small businesses that used to only be available to
the largest enterprises. We really believe that bookkeeping in this model is
not only fun, but also the best, most efficient way to do business today.

The second panel, “Going
100% SaaS,” takes place Friday, September 5, from 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM. Here’s
the conference agenda’s description of the content:

More and more companies are adopting Software as a
Service solutions for all their IT needs. This panel will attempt to explain
the logic of such an approach, discuss the barriers to mass-market adoption and
will outline the benefits and lessons learned by some early adopters.

While CRM, marketing, and conferencing/ collaboration applications have
been the first to take off as SaaS solutions, we believe that financial
services are the next big opportunity. Cash management and bill payment are
critically important to business success and now require a greater
collaborative effort between different departments and between people who are
often in different geographies. However, invoice approvals and payment today
are still handled in many organizations via paper-based manual processes. It’s
hard to believe that a premier organization would handle customer issues by
writing on paper, creating duplicates, sending (or walking) paper around the
company so people can write comments before sending them back, and filing
copies in a filing cabinet for future reference, yet this is what is happening
in many businesses when it comes to managing invoices. Online bill payment has
taken off in the consumer world and we see enhanced online bill payment and
collaborative A/P taking off with businesses.

At the same time, we are big
believers in the SaaS model and could never have launched our company without
it. is almost 100% SaaS internally and has been able to implement many
processes that used to be reserved for later-stage companies in the areas of
collaboration, accounting, CRM, and marketing. Not to mention A/P!

The St. Regis Hotel is
located at 125 Third Street in San Francisco. Make sure you stop and say hello
to Jeff.



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